Virgin Atlantic Holidays is to offer passengers a version of travel roulette this winter, sending customers to whichever Caribbean islands remain quarantine free.

Branded as an ‘Escape Pass,’ the service will see holidaymakers answer a few questions on their preferences, sit back and get ready for the sun.

The tour operator will decide if they are headed to Barbados, Antigua, Grenada or Tobago, depending on which islands stay on the UK travel safe list.

There are also plans to add Jamaica and further Caribbean destinations as Covid-19 cases fall.

Virgin agues a key challenge for consumers during the pandemic has been the complexity of dynamic quarantine restrictions both in holiday destinations and the UK.

The organisation seeks to get around this by offering an ATOL-protected trip, guaranteed to be quarantine-free.

Customers will be notified of their destination and holiday details two weeks before their departure date, offering time to read up on the local culture and pack all the essentials.

Juha Jarvinen, chief commercial officer at Virgin Atlantic, commented: “We know customers are keen to get away on their next adventure after a difficult year.

“Top of the list is an idyllic holiday to the Caribbean, where the Covid-19 pandemic has been managed extremely well, allowing holiday makers to enjoy sun, sea and beaches safely.

“The Escape Pass has been created to take all the stress and uncertainty out of booking that dream Caribbean trip.”

Virgin Atlantic Holidays to offer Caribbean roulette to travellers | News

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