Tourists visiting Dubai can now purchase their own alcohol for the first time.

Visitors may now consume their own drinks after obtaining a 30-day licence issued to them free of cost.

Prior to this, tourists visiting Dubai could buy and drink alcohol only in licensed venues such as hotels, restaurants and clubs.

Now with the new offer, they can fill up mandatory forms and purchase liquor from the outlets of Mercantile & Marketing International, the sales and marketing subsidiary of Emirates Group.

Tourists can now buy their liquor at any of the 17 designated outlets of MMI which is authorised to be a retailer of alcohol and issue liquor licences to residents as well.

Holidaymakers must visit any MMI store with an original passport and complete and sign a form.

This will confirm they are a tourist and that they understand the rules and regulations with regards to purchasing, transporting and consumption of alcohol in Dubai.

However, advice from MMI cautions: “Each visitor will be issued guidelines to responsible drinking in Dubai.

“Please ensure that you read this to ensure you are respectful of the country, its rules and its people that you are visiting.”

Tourists able to buy alcohol in Dubai for first time | News

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