Britons wishing to travel to Europe will have to pay €7 every three months from 2021, the European Commission has confirmed.

The European Travel Information & Authorisation System will allow visa-free travel within the Schengen zone for up to 90 days at a time.

Citizens of 61 countries, including the UK, will have to apply for the registration online, which is like the ESTA system employed by the United States.

The fee applies to those aged 18-70.

When launched, applications should take no more than ten minutes, officials said, while applicants will be told almost immediately if their ETIAS has been granted.

European ministers said the ETIAS was being introduced to tighten security for countries within the Schengen zone, which has come under pressure from anti-immigration groups.

As it stands, UK nationals will continue to be able to travel freely with a passport of ID card until the end of the Brexit transition period in 2020.

Brits to pay €7 for ETIAS accreditation when travelling to Europe from 2021 | News

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